Officers & Chairwomen

It takes a lot of help to operate our guild

Many Hands Make Our Guild Stronger

It takes many helping hands to operate the Iowa Quilters Guild. With membership and events scattered around the state, the Guild Officers and Committee Chairwomen collaborate remotely and electronically to stay organized and meet deadlines. Would you be willing to help as an Officer or Committee Chair? We'd love to have you.

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Workshops With National Presenters

Iowa Quilters Guild members have opportunities throughout the year to take workshops with top national and regional presenters.  We strive to arrange programs and workshops that cover a broad range of quilting techniques and topics.

Time To Finish Projects

Our annual Fall Retreat, held in November, is a 3-day event designed to help our members finish projects, share ideas, and learn from each other.  Of course, we always find time to do a little shopping and a whole lot of eating.

Silent Auction

Iowa Quilters Guild members donate items for the Silent Auction/Buy It Now area of the Reiman Gardens Quilt Show.  In 2012, the Silent Auction items generated ove $500 for the Guild.

Show Winning Quilts

Iowa Quilters Guild is filled with many talented quilters who enter their quilts in shows across the state and nation.  Marilyn Cox's applique quilt won a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair. Want to see more award-winning quilts?  Check out our photo gallery, or you can read all about them in our quarterly newsletter.  Or better yet, become a member and see the quilts during our show-n-tell.

Making Projects Together

IQG Members worked together to make Yo-Yo pins as give-aways at the Reiman Garden Show.  Show Chair, Libby Steinfeldt, plans a craft item each year to give away to show visitors.  In 2012, over 2500 visitors attended the show.

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Promoting the art of quilting
throughout Iowa since 1979

  • Summer Event July 14-15 2017, Jefferson IA 




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Officers & Chairwomen


Many quilters work together to operate the Iowa Quilters Guild.  In accordance with our By-Laws, the Board of Directors include the following positions:

Officers Elected Chairs Appointees
President Program Chair Membership Chair
President Elect Program Chair Elect Publicity Chair
Secretary Historian Newsletter Editor
Treasurer Parliamentarian Business Manager
Quilt Show Chair


Meet the 2016-2017 Officers & Chairwomen:

President: Marti Klatt, Adel

President Elect: Karen Willis, Lake City 

Program Chair & Historian:Joan Gelder,Jewell, email:

Jennifer Bernard, Hamilton,

Lori Isvik, Jewell, email:
  Program Chair-Elect: Jennifer Perkins, Harlan
Secretary:Marlene Armbrecht, Rockwell City
Treasurer: Jeni Christensen, Marshalltown
Membership Chair: Marilyn Cox, Garden City

Quilt Show Co-Chair & Publicity Co-Chair: Libby Steinfeldt
Jeni Christensen, Marshalltown

Additional Roles:

Hanging Lead – Jeni Christensen

Judging Lead – Libby Steinfeldt

Boutique Lead – Open Position

Annual Meeting Lead – Typically the Program Chairperson and President

Volunteer Lead – Open Position

Education Lead – Typically the Program Chairperson

Welcome Booth Lead – Typically the Membership Coordinator and/or Treasurer
Web Master and Newsletter Editor, Teresa Coenen, Woodbine



Rolls & Responsibilities:

President The duties of the Pesident shall be to preside over all meetings and to appoint, with Board approval, committees necessary to the welfare of the Guild.  The President will be invited to serve in an advisory capacity for several months following this term of office.
President-Elect The duties of the President-Elect shall be, i the absence of the President or at the President's request, to perform presidential duties.
Secretary The duties of the Secretary shall be to record and be custodian of the minutes of the meetings.
Treasurer The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect and take charge of all dues and funds made available to the Guild.  Also, the Treasurer shall keep a written account of all transactions involving the Guld. 
Historian The duties of the Historian shall be to collect and preserve accounts of all Guild activities, including memorabilia and Newsletters.
Program Chair The duties of the Program Chairman shall be to carry out the plans for dates, locations, and programs for general membership meetigs durint he current year.  The Program Chairman shall also manage workshop registration and other details for meeting arrangements.
Program Chair-Elect The duties of the Program Chairman-Elect shall be to recommend dates, locations and programs for the general membership meetings one year in advance.
Parliamentarian The duties of the Parliamentarianshall be to oversee the policy of the Guild.
Newsletter Editor The Newsletter Editor shall compose a newsletter and distribute it to all members at least three weeks before each scheduled meeting.
Business Manager The Newsletter and Web Business Manager shall handle all of the advertisement published in the Newsletter.
Webmaster The Webmaster shall maintain the IQG website.
Publicity Chairman The Publicity Chairman will assist with the membership drive and promote the functions of the Guild.
Membership Chairman The Membership Chairman will collect and record all dues and issue membership cards in the published membership book.
Quilt Show Chair The Quilt Show Chair will collaborate with ISU Event Coordinator to plan and execute the annual Reiman Gardens Quilt Show.

Past Officers:

The immediate Past Board of Directors (2015-16)are:

President Deb Kirby
President-Elect Marti Klatt
Secretary Marlene Armbrecht
Treasurer Jeni Christensen
Program Chair Cindy Kaufman
Program Chair-Elect Lori Isvik, Jennifer Bernard, Joan Gelder
Historian Lori Isvik, Jennifer Bernard, Joan Gelder
Membership Chair Marilyn Cox
Publicity Co-Chairs Jeni Christensen & Libby Steinfeldt
Newsletter Editor Teresa Coenen
Newsletter Business Manager Jeni Christensen/Teresa Coenen
Webmaster Teresa Coenen
Quilt Show Chair Libby Steinfeldt/Jeni Christensen

See the Archives for information on previous Boards.

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Iowa Quilters Guild has a link on the Quilting Pathways website.  Quilting Pathways offers interesting places & things to see and do for people who enjoy scenic travel and for the travel-minded quilter and companions.